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Jordan's mom writes about her nine-year-old son, "Thank you for taking Jordan into your wonderful school. I have never seen him so happy and excited about school or friends before this. He loves all of his classmates, his two teachers, and he is anxious every morning to go to school."

Ninth grader Krystal writes, "After a year of school at Dove, I can see my dreams coming at me like a train. I never thought I would be able to read a book like God's Smuggler or say my times tables, or write a letter, just to name a few things that you have done for me."

Eight-year-old Cherylann writes, "Thank you for teaching me how to read. All my other teachers gave up on me but you didn't.

Fifteen-year-old Katy writes, "My brother wanted me to tell you that you must be a very, very good teacher, because I can write in cursive now, and my whole life I haven't been able to, nor have I been expected to."

A parent writes, "We appreciate all you are doing for our daughter. She loves school so much now. God is using your gifts to bring her from a cocoon to a butterfly and we delight in seeing it."

Mom writes about her 3rd grade daughter Sydney, "Sydney has a HUGE smile on her face almost every day when I pick her up from school. She is always just so happy to recount her day. She often says phrases like 'Mom, I never felt smart at my old school, but I feel smart at Dove. They know how to teach me!'."

Marlene writes about her 8th grade daughter, "I am compelled to write to express how blessed we feel that Dove is available for Robyn. After years of public school and two years of home schooling, the opportunity that Dove offers has been an educational miracle for our daughter."

Paster Gary writes about his 8th grader, "Dove Christian Academy has been an answer to prayers. Our son is intelligent and inquisitive, but his Dyslexia has kept him from performing at his educational potential. Dove has been able to give him the tools he will use throughout life. The low student/teacher ratio has provided him with the attention he needs."

Brittany, a 9th grade student writes, "I just want to thank you for the curriculum at Dove. It has been a great success in that my comprehension is great. It also proved that I could write five paragraph essays!"