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Dove Christian Academy now brings you a "choice" for your child! Dove specializes in teaching children with Dyslexia, ADD, and Visual and Auditory Processing Disorders... with a Christ-Centered academic education. DCA has experienced teachers and professionals to help your child not only learn to overcome their disabilities, but to reinforce the moral and ethical lessons they're learning at home. Have a look at what some students and parents are saying about Dove...

Fifteen-year-old Katy writes, "My brother wanted me to tell you that you must be a very, very good teacher, because I can write in cursive now, and my whole life I haven't been able to, nor have I been expected to."

A parent writes, "We appreciate all you are doing for our daughter. She loves school so much now. God is using your gifts to bring her from a cocoon to a butterfly and we delight in seeing it."

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Mission Statement
We desire to teach to the immediate needs of each child in a Christ - centered environment so that success can be experienced and children can become self-motivated learners.

DCA is a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gifts are 100% tax deductible.